GTA 5 – Official Next Gen Launch Trailer (Grand Theft Auto V PS4 & Xbox One)

Rockstar Games Official GTA 5 Next Gen Trailer for Xbox One and PS4, release date November 18th, 2014!

GTA 5 Online – OFFICIAL HEISTS RELEASE DATE NEWS! New Character Transfer Info! (GTA V Next Gen)

GTA 5 Online – “First Person” Sniping Next Gen Gameplay Image (GTA V Next Gen)



  1. Did you know birds and rats were already in GTA V PS3 smh dumb ass

  2. Can you please not talk over the trailer. If youre going to go in depth about it do it in a video seperate from this. You were just stating obvious things everyones going to see. Chill out yo. Shut your mouth.

  3. Fucking show the actual trailer instead of fucking talking over it

  4. um, rats were still in gta v on ps3 and xbox 360, just go to the underground tunnel from the heist mission, tons of rats…

  5. There were rats in current gen btw Noah I know cuz I killed one on ps3 and took a photo of it, no one knows it well but I know

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