The latest cool things in video games brought to you by Jake Baldino including a GTAV simulator, Battlefront sequels, PS2 emulation, new ASTROs, and more! What have you been playing this week? Let’s talk!
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PS2 PS4…


  1. 0:020:32 Deux Ex: Mankind Divided Delayed!

    0:331:52 Star Wars Battlefront Sequels

    1:532:49 Playstation 2 backwards compatibility on Playstation 4

    2:503:48 Astro TR Gaming Headset

    3:494:39 GTA V on $100K Simulator

    4:405:05 Crazy Leauge of Legends Cosplay

    4:065:31 Fallout 4 Dialogue Mod

    5:326:08 Custom Xbox One Case

    6:096:33 100 Brotherhood of Steel Soldiers vs 100 Deathclaws battle (Fallout 4)

    6:346:59 Community Highlights videos

    7:007:48 Instagram Shoutout

  2. wow. I want force dynamics to make a gundam mobile suit cockpit simulator. with a platform similar to the gta 5 simulator. that would be sick.

  3. i don't get to play my old ps 2 games i get to re buy them on the ps store u got my hopes just to be smashed in to pieces you sir are a BIG troll :/

  4. robbaz made a homemade pc for fallout watch it now its amazing

  5. Been playing Battlefront 2 on my PS2 instead, way better experience than the new Battlefront. Yes I bought the new one, and I regret that. I should probably check if Battlefront 2 will work on my PS4.

  6. I use kama tritons sadly I can't afford astros I wish I could but the tritons are decent I got them for a gift for my birthday.

  7. I have some Titans headsets not a fan of then I'm thinking of getting the ps4 bluetooth ones

  8. I've been playing battlefront for weeks and I'm unbelievably hooked 🙂

  9. What do you mean with PS2 can be emulated to the PS4? Is it brought in the playstation store or can I use the disks I have for the PS2.

  10. I used to use an A40 with a mix amp… but my dog knocked the mix amp off my desk so now I use an awful turtle beach headsets that is way too small.

  11. anyone got the ewok throwing at rock at ur head achievement I got it on my second walker asault

  12. I want an Xbox one or a ps4 sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

  13. I use this cheap-ass but really awesome gaming headset. Sades SA-708, $20 if I remember coreectly. They don't cancel noise at all but other than that it's a really, REALLY comfortable headset with decent mic quality.

  14. I can buy that $100,000 simulation monitor because I have a small loan of a million dollars 😂😂😂

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