GTA 5 on PS4 – How to Find the Kraken Sub (wildlife challenge guide)

GTA 5 on PS4 – How to Find the Kraken Sub
★ Sub to CVG:
In this video James shows you how to find the all -new, faster Kraken sub in the new-gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5.

For a full list of all the animals and locations visit GamesRadar:

Will you be playing this through again? Are the snazzy visuals, first person mode and added cats enough to drag you back to GTA? Let us know!

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  1. Note I have finished the game … How can I open this challenge please

  2. wait so I can't unlock it if I haven't played the game in ps3 if I have a ps4? now that's just a huge load of bullshit

  3. all that shit for the sub? I have a billion dollars for all 3 characters. Yeah I didn't watch all the video lol

  4. or open your moblie in gta write some numbers and call and u have the cracken
    it works in buzzard helicopter dut its another number
    if u wanna tell ya the cheat like that comend

  5. ;-; on my 360 I dident have a Rockstar account bUT then I got ps4 so that means I don't have the enchanced version :-:

  6. Can the sub be used with all characters or only Franklin? I want to know if this will help with the toxic waste challenge.

  7. when you finish gta 5 next gen consules if you pick to kill trevor or micheal you cant play as them anymore lolololololololol

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