GTA 5 Online – $8,000,000 = RESET! New Anti Cheat System & Players Losing Money! (GTA 5 Online News)

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  1. wait!!!! i have earned 28 million LEGIT through playing heists all day every day surely they have some kind of record that i earned that legitimately???

  2. I got legit cash and went from half a million to 284 bucks, why rockstar?

  3. i love how they only carry about cheating now because they want people to spend thousands of real life money on microtransactions. if they made you able to get 1mil in 30 minutes at a high level the game would be fine and no one would want to cheat/ "exploit".

  4. Gta v players/modders will always find a way to get around and bypass rockstars patches I don't think that they will ever be able to stop money/rp glitchs end of story

  5. My friend purchased a 8 million dollar shark card which was 100 dollars and he lost all of it because they thought he was cheating wtf he emailed rockstar and they couldn't give him the money back wtf he was really angry

  6. I think it's wrong that they can take the money from people even if it is cheating because the jobs on Gta pay like $20000 or something like that and they haven't brought heists out yet so what do they expect!

  7. This community is so shitty, R* starts doing something about cheaters and people act entitled like they should be able to keep the money they got doing it… lmao!

  8. If you don't want them to take your money never put it in your bank I've got 90,000,000 and I've had it for like 7 months they have never been able to take it

  9. i think the 3 billion transer to your acount is a good idea, but the 8 million dollars transfered to your bank and then you lose it is a little to much for me

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