GTA 5 Online Basketball Minigame Mod & DLC Update Idea! (PS4 GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  1. this happened to me on ps3 but when it spawned i got stuck inside it

  2. Basketball would be awesome! I think baseball or a 7 v 7 football would be awesome as well! What will get me back though..CASINO!!

  3. basketball should be put in have it something like 2k my player blacktop it would bring back fun

  4. If had this in my garage stuck in my elevator when I saw it I was like WTF and when I came out my in my garage i got stuck in side it 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  5. I got an idea

    Rockstar should add a sports update.

    Like the helmet option wear a football helmet or maybe get a new body armour that is foot ball protection gear. Doesn't protect well against bullets but good at punches. Maybe use a baseball and bat to use as a weapon or possibly a grenade.

    You know what I mean
    They added a basketball jersey I think but add more
    Also add a hockey stock

    My favorite part of the idea is make jerseys change colors put crew emblem and change the numbers same with the helmets.

    Alot of my friends enjoy sports but bearly is any in gta V

    Maybe roll with the basketball hoop in the garage and challenge friends

    Please like this comment if you think this should be added

  6. Ever since GTA V next gen came out that's when gta online dlc stoped. It also ruind my crew.

  7. I agree with u Teddy! I used to be OBSSESED with GTA and now it's getting kinda "dry" like U said I've been playing gta about once or twice a month now….

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