GTA 5 Online – Best Money Missions for High Level Players 1.22 (Farming Guide SOLO Hard GTA V 1.21)

GTA 5 Best Money Missions Online Guide Series!
This series looks at the best mission jobs that give the best payouts for making money fast and farming/grinding in GTA 5 Online Patch 1.22. In this video we’ll be looking at Level 61+ missions so this is for high level players. In later videos we’ll look at the best money missions for low level players. I produce videos on the PS4 but they still apply to Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox360 too.

You can find links to strategy guides for the missions…


  1. or just get a x16 potshot playlist and get 2400 per min without waiting for the stupid as fuck loading screens

  2. anyone that is good at the hack on xbox 360 want to farm fleeca with me? my xbox 360 gamertag is OG Noble Savage

  3. Wait wait wait….. WHAT I am level 75 in gta online and I have trash talk unlocked and can just play it by choosing it on the mission menu….

  4. As a level 64, I find Check Out Time the best to grind, quick and easy mission, all you need to do is kill an unarmed target, then evade a 2-star wanted level, and you get $10050 in 4 minutes (quickest I've completed it is under 2:20).

  5. Whats that theme music your playing at the start mate

  6. RIP paid per mission. I hate the new paid per hour rates. Rushing like a pro no longer pays off…

  7. Trash Talk is the best for me because it takes no effort what so ever. Just drive to the buzzard and take out the trucks all in around a min. then land on a roof top and wait for around 7 min (have a laptop and watch tv shows or you tubes in that time) then just fly in quickly and take out the rival crew in less than a min. payout 23k no effort no expense because of free amo in the buzzard. 140k an hour and its less boring than grinding other missions because am using the wait time on the Roof to catch up on tv programs or other stuff

  8. I have mad respect for people like you who make videos and take hours to figure stuff out. Keep doing your stuff. Like honestly this is the best gta video on YouTube

  9. I realize you guys are trying to do missions for the best payout for time spent in that mission. I like missions that take time to complete, so can you please start making some videos of missions that take like 10 to 15 minutes to complete that you can do solo on hard?  Not everybody wants to rush through a mission. I appreciate the effort you guys are putting into your videos but I would really like to see some longer mission videos.

  10. Finally a GTA V video without a cheesy dubstep intro and some loser begging for likes and subscribers. This is how videos should be made, informative and to the point. Nice job, my friend!

  11. Well made video. I like how you left all the statistics and chart on screen

  12. You can start Roof top Rumble at the mission start point everytime if you dont wanna drive back down! So its faster money.100% truth

  13. This is the video that got me to originally sub you, great stuff. I'd argue that Trash Talk is slightly better for grinding (with a heli!) due to the forced spawn point and no armour/ammo needed.

    Like I mentioned on the trash talk guide video, I managed to do it in under 4 minutes with a savage but I'm not sure if that works with a buzzard. Rooftop rumble is a bit annoying for me. I can do it with a karuma or a heli but…

    Karuma = wasted ammo and sometimes a hit to body armour.
    Heli = Drive to the heli, kill guys and then get a car to chase the documents (which takes longer).

    Trash Talk in 4 minutes = $11,450, no armour or ammo just $200 for the heli so if you can do it with a savage I highly recommend it 🙂

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