GTA 5 Online Cheat Protection! and How to Not Get Banned?

Today I have some news about the GTA Online banning system called nVp23. Also I have found a Work around Way to Avoid getting banned after the new Update DLC Patch using mod menus to get MONEY only!

Rockstar has adopted a new PC mechanism ran in accordance with GTA Online and is called nVp23. It is a multi-level, complex solution developed to protect GTA Online against cheats and realtime scripts/modifications. It ensures that the gaming servers cannot be run on unauthorized platforms, such…


  1. I only use my mods for money and cars I don’t kill people that’s just stupid. I don’t want to she to play for a year just to get a fancy car or house

  2. I didn't understand anything. I know it has been years since this awesome game released. And this would sound like a noob question, how exactly single GTA gamer on Youtube doing all kinds of crazy mods, cheats and what not and not getting banned?
    What should you do? In simple words please.

  3. Blah blah blah. HOW do I fix it so I can play online again?????

  4. lol I think if I got a mod menu it would be rare that ill get banned cause I have spent about 200 bucks on shark cards lol

  5. Is there a chance that u will get banned after a week or two of modding…… nothing has happened to my account, its been 12 days

  6. Modder: gives me 5k money

    Me: I am gonna do what's called a pro gamer move.

    Me: Get's killed by cops 10 times and looses all the cash I had in total

    Rockstar: You're clean player never got any money dropped.

  7. So,if i buy account modding i will buy the cheapest shark card and i will cant be banned?

  8. Will i get banned for doing a gender change glitch ????Someone pls tell me 😢😢

  9. I did hacking and I didn’t get banned in 4 days

  10. But i i hack 100mil, and get banned, will i keep my money when i am unbanned?

  11. I used a mod menu three days ago, gave myself some money, still no ban

  12. Another thing that works if you have an injector mod menu, is giving yourself money straight to your bank. Dropping money to yourself sends off a lot of flags, because you are constantly picking up money faster than allowed. Putting 1 – 2 million straight to your bank, doesn't send off many flags because of shark cards, missions, deposits, sales, and many more options. But I recommend not putting an instant 50 million in your account, mod in the amount you need for the thing you want to buy, you don't need extra looking cash.

  13. loook guys if you want money just drop your self the money dont put it in the bank and also dont use the menus option for like 10mil at once just give you self money the same bags you get for robbing the stores in the game and youll be fine also when your not useing the menu uninstall it

  14. If you give yourself modded money and rp delete the menu from your gta v directory right after. After a week you should be okay to go back in and use mods.

  15. How do you cheat and you uploaded the video on youtube? rockstar watched the video and closed this gap
    in the first 10-minute you uploaded the video
    in 2015

  16. as long as its not permanent like csgo naaah we.are fine!!!

  17. i bought moding service for money and levels … i spent some on a deluxo and pimped it and bout a appartment . will i get banned ?

  18. wait ok i was looking at this video kind of wrong because i looked up how not to get banned from the hackers that will literally spawn weapons and cash on you in order to get you banned

  19. 2289 who knows what PlayStation that would be ps3 would be dead in 2289 even R* could be dead with new company's all the company's now could die off or bankruptcy in 2289

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