GTA 5 Online DLC – How To Buy New Office Garage And Office Custom Auto Shop! Import/Export DLC 2016

This NEW GTA 5 DLC video will show you how to buy NEW GTA 5 Office Garages & GTA 5 Custom Auto Shop! New Grand Theft Auto DLC Is Here! LETS GO!!! Enjoy GTA 5 Online Import Export Office And Custom Auto Shop Gameplay! Subscribe to Join The WOLF PACK!

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  1. His assistant must be worried that their boss walks around wearing a wolf mask…

  2. All garages and apartments are 40% of this week which Includes the office garages

  3. There only one problem, I tried to get on that website but it says its under maintaince so I can't even get there. Why? And what can I do?

  4. Thank for this video, been tryna find out what garage this was for the longest. People would just be flexing about the cars they had, nothing about where to get the garage.

  5. How did he get those pants that his character is wearing and how do I get them

  6. It would be cool to have all the garages and upgrades for the office, but it just seems like such a waste of money. GTA 5 is fun but the money you have to pay for anything useful is ludicrous.

  7. Thumbs up for not being annoying, and for showing us the budget version of this garage. I was afraid that without the extra garage purchases, it would only be one floor; which would look much less fancy.

  8. Man, that is ridiculously expensive. I almost bought it too. I'm glad I saw this video first. Thanks man. You just saved me a load of money.

  9. What he’s saying: get your self a office.
    Step 2: go back onto maze bank and press the office you have purchased.
    Step 3: press the ladder looking thing
    Step 4: pick your upgrade
    Upgrade choices are… office garage 1, 2, 3 also office garage custom auto shop
    Step 5: you’ll thank me later

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