GTA 5 Online DLC – Patch 1.16 Delayed? Money Lobbies & Possible PS4, Xbox One & PC Info! (GTA V DLC)

GTA 5 Online patch 1.16 release date news, possible delay and GTA 5 PS4, Xbox One and PC info coming soon! ๐Ÿ™‚
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  1. The reason they don't have us pay for DLCis because ofShark Cards if anyone has bought at lease 1 share card practically bought the next or previous update pretty much.

  2. All you youtubers need to stop saying delayed like it was posed to come out but it got delayed yall dont know shit about when content is coming out damn

  3. You know I am looking forward to the C&C DLC. Bring it on! It's crime-fighting time!

  4. Ok typical gamer fan boys. I have finaly found the source that provided tg the line codes for the hydra. After sifting through piles of documents and countless interviews I have found the source of all typical gamers precious info. Apparently all of these lines of leaked code leaked out of his ass.

  5. When I got money in december… Legit money. I got it taken away because stupid fuck reported me. And now when I get over 500k R* takes it away because the fucks think I mod/hack. SMDH -,-

  6. I don't know what's the point of hacking/modding GTA. What makes a game fun is trying to achieve getting a fuck load of money/play missions/ranking up. If you can easily gain all of that by hacking, there's no point on playing. You ruined the whole point of the game. I've worked my ass off getting my rank on GTA Online and getting the money I have (w/o buying gta $ with real money) for these assholes to ruin the game for me and other. I'm dying to get new content and it's completely unfair that people that are playing the game how it's suppose to be played aren't getting shit.

  7. Everyone here is whining about heists while im here just waiting for zombies update…

  8. +t bones agreed bro if hackers don't want to play legit keep the money to themselves so it doesn't delay the dlc bro IMA hacker and I keep my money and adjusted rank to myself so it doesn't interfere with the dlc I'm pissed off at these hackers giving millions to people and are forcing people to take it!

  9. I hate that they are getting worked up on the money lobbies in the current gen consoles even tho when they release it for PC they are gonna hack the shit out of it.

  10. thanks Typical gamer for putting in my tip for the cinamatic camera, i do have a question tho, is it possible to buy the same tints from online to SP, i cant seem to find them how does this happen. and ji hope for the juggernaut suit as always.

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