GTA 5 Online Glitches Duplicate Cars After Patch 1

This is a new grand theft auto 5 1.13 online glitch ( Newest ). this glitch is amazing and easy for more info read more of the desc below
My Gamertag : AsK x Beats . If the friends list is full add Vektie

I hope you guys enjoyed this GTA 5 Online Glitch After patch 1.13 that will be great for duplicating the High Life DLC cars for free and will be great for money glitches after patch 1.13 soon as the rest of the parts come, please support the video by dropping off a like and commenting…


  1. Hey dude I have tried this a lot of times and it doesn't seem to work ……. Can u help ?

  2. doesnt work, when i do it i teleport to a different spot near the apartment, my friend still has the hud and it doesnt say my car is destroyed

  3. Nice, and ignore the people angry over the video. May not be yours, but you didn't claim it. 

  4. I'm curious if u can do it with others because I've had the issue of my buddy being glitches like that at the Eclipse towers and I've been glitches myself.

  5. I did not give you permission to upload this, It has gotten 10,000 views and has taken from my actual views. I'm not going to copyright strike this as you had good intentions, but do not ever upload my videos again or a strike will be given.

  6. It did not work for me on ps3 my friend froze i killed him he kicked me out of car but it didnt destroy it

  7. Do you know a glitch to where I can own a roseavlit id really love to get one

  8. I SUBBED BECAUSE YOU DID A GREAT JOB ON THIS VID IF you have spare time check out my channel plz

  9. Can the duplicated car (lets say a phoenix) then be insured by your friend? (i.e. not the person who originally owned it)

  10. Can i take the car that the friend got in and give it to somebody. Does it work like that?

  11. To everyone who dislikes please leave a reason why and i can then practice from my mistakes 😀 Thanks for liking people who are and if anyway needs help just add me and i can do some glitches  with you or whatever you may like 😀

  12. what's with the dislikes people? i'm only trying to help and spread the cool news, if you don't like glitching then you don't have to dislike, just put a comment why and if i should not put glitching videos out even if they would be made by me or not

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