GTA 5 Online – Going To Be Hacked On Christmas! (GTA V Lizard Squad Server Attack)

Grand Theft Auto V – Christmas DLC day is the day that GTA 5 will be affected in some attacks by the Lizard Squad, and more info!

GTA 5 Online – Stripper Dress Up – Stripper Role Play Online! (GTA V PS4 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online – LEAKED Snow & Christmas DLC! Cops & Crooks DLC! (GTA V PS4 Gameplay)



  1. Lizard squad ain't even really hackers. I bet they are just little potatos with arms and legs lol jk they are little kids who figured out how to ddos and got a good internet lol so.ething like google fibre. Ode to the little trolls they couldn't hack for money if they tried. Lol these guys are amateurs.

  2. Those stupid bitches hacking their own ass. You even can't play PVZ Gardn Warfare on PS3!

  3. I remember when that happened but I only had to wait a couple of minutes I got my Xbox to work somehow

  4. Fuck those people I'll just pick up snow balls and throw them at civilians in GTA 5 story mode😀


  6. I'm getting Far Cry 4 on Last Gen. If the lizard squad hacks XBOX live, I will be so fucking mad…

  7. Rockstar will probably be like really protective on christmas and be fuq u LS And make there servers mlg

  8. It's funny cuz they're sat in their room thinking they're all hard n stuff but in the real one day police or someone is gonna find them..

  9. Everyone cry cry cry waah waah waah.. dont tell them get a life… you get a life… bitching about shit that is on the internet… some people who no one should give a fuck about…. #lizardsquad  has alot of butthurt 7 years… (and NoahJ456 making them popular!) yay who gives a flying fuck about what they do butthurt kids and other non-annoying kid gamers.   #IbelieveISoundButtHurt  

  10. Why do they do this, does it give them something to do? If so, what a bunch of low lifes. Seriously, get a life and let people enjoy their games, they shouldnt be stopped by a few virgin adults.

  11. Thats funny because i use both PS3 & Xbox 360 and not once has any of my online services gone down. I use both consoles alot so i would know.. Anyways Rockstar are now concidering taking off their online services for the christmas period but no one knows why

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