GTA 5 Online – GTA 5 GETS HACKED – Players Lose Characters Due To Glitches! (GTA V Online)

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Players Losing Characters Because of Glitches! GTA V news and info!

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  1. I was on then but it was laggy and they took down microsoft 2 I had 2 wait 2 hours to get back on

  2. i got banned for modded lvl420 but rockstar rerolled my unmodded lvl 160 acc to lvl 20 and didn't touch my lvl 420 acc

  3. Lizard squad hacked playstation And Xbox Servers because they Wanted better chrismas do Be with families no playing

  4. Lizard Squad is a black hat hacking group, mainly known for their claims of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks primarily to 

    male at the time. On August 24, 2014, a hacking group called Lizard Squad claimed that the plane on which  was flying (American Airlines Flight

  5. Noah I had a gta5 character just like it it was the same pimped out one like urs but it got lost cuz of that hack I'll try to make another 1 same clothes and all that stuff

  6. My accot got hacked twics i colund save one hut i did the new one so i hqvw a new name it better then my last one hut i lost qll my level 🙁

  7. Doesnt lizard squad still live with their parents? Jeez hacker pussies

  8. I don't have gta5 but I gotta say I feel sorry for those who lost there profile

  9. Yeah ik its late but i had just got my ps4 and i was tryna make my acc and it didnt work -.- on the news it says they hacked it

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