GTA 5 Online – Harmful Money Mods, How To Protect Yourself, & How To Stop It (GTA 5 Online)

GTA 5 Online – Hackers are taking away all your money! Watch this video to learn about what hacks have been in the game since launch, how to protect yourself from losing all your gear, and why YouTubers are hurting the public!

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  2. so update your video cuz now with this rp give and take away even if you dash board it still goes down how do you fight or protect against that if they feel like Being an ashole they do it there's gotta be a way to protect urself let me know … update video:D

  3. All modders is not bad some of them just are try to help people that are poor in gta5

    If you want money in ps3 gta v
    This is my ps3 name: seif-killer2 if you aren't chill and calm i will hack your ps3

  4. I have that in my garage but there was also a sonar from the military base destroying my cars

  5. I was in a lobby with a modder, but he was just spawning items on people's heads. Like weed plants, signs, etc……he was cool about it

  6. I had a REAL weird one last night.  Some 19 year old hacker kid was telling people they had to abide by HIS rules, and if they didn't he'd kill them.

    So for example:

    Him: you, player – bring your car to me or i'll kill you, 10, 9. 8, 7….he'd count down then kill them

    I 'disobeyed' him once, he blew me up instantly
    I 'disobeyed' him a 2nd time, he booted me from the server

    I ALSO saw him putting alien eggs on peoples heads that would not let them use their guns etc

    His name was VeganGamer – level 4 – this was last night, 9/21/2014 around 8pm PST

  7. do you remember when modders were giving out money back in the first months of gta online. well my friend gave me300099998887 dollars and it gat taken away

  8. The easiest solution for me is to just start the game in an invite only session since I only do missions, survivals and races for cash anyway. It's easy for me to clear at least 150-200k an hour, and once a job is over, it's back to the empty lobby and on to the next job! I never have to deal with the jerkoff cheaters and it's great. Looking forward to GTA for PS4.

  9. Next thing you know rockstar is guna make a protection plan against these mods for 69$ a year instead of fixing them 6⃣9⃣

  10. Haven't played gta in forever. Been hooked on WoW private servers lol

  11. I went on GTA Online Sunday I think, and I went in my garage and there was this big ass dumpster, I don't even know what it was because it didn't fit in the garage. It went through the roof and I couldn't get half my cars. I had half of my good cars on one side an my shitty ones on the other side and it just so happens that it spawned where my good cars were.

  12. I was in a modded a lobby about a week ago and he was spawning meteors, UFOs, aliens, and he was flying an killing people with unlimited rpg rockets it wasn't fun at all, especially since I was being spawn trapped with unlimited rpg rockets lol

  13. Thnx Noah for posting this great info and heaps more that is a like from me

  14. Yay! The old outro is back! Better than those other ones…

  15. Are you the guy from the TNT drama commecrical? you guys sound exactly alike 

  16. Noah, if I preorder gta for xbox one when I won't be getting one until December/January, will I still get the pre order package?

  17. I keep getting a single player bug in Online after selling vehicles, Happend twice in the last week

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