How to equip body armor in GTA Online on PC. I’ll show you how to equip and unequip body armor so it’s shown or hidden on your character.

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About this video: Here’s a short guide to how body armor works in GTA V Online. Body armor is automatically…


  1. In Grand Theft Auto 6 or what ever the new Grand Theft Auto will be titled I want the option to store body armor in the car just like saving body armor in the interaction menu in GTA Online.

  2. why does it say 0 instead of 1 for the armor I bought in the inventory menu

  3. Why Cant Equip Armour 2019
    Before i could Euip 10 of each body Armour
    Why we can not do that now ?
    Or is therd another New way to do it ?
    How to get Super Heavy Armour ?

  4. I was just there and there was no armor. I also tried finding some at the observatory in the fenced in electrical area on the left side of the statue in front lawn but again no armor. anybody got any good tips for finding things that have been found to work recently? TY for the video though mate.

  5. when you went on inventory why was there a "1" on your armor if it get automatically gets put on

  6. Im playing on 1.37 and when I try to show it, my character doesnt have it on help?

  7. How do you fill up every slot of body armor so each individual one shows 10 on each individual slot ? I had them all filled at one time but now when I go buy more it only let's me fill up one slot

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