GTA 5 Online How to Get Rid of All Your Money

This method may take a long time, but I could not find any other way to get rid of all my money, I could not even find a DNS server that gave negative money. Hopefully this method will get rid of most your money if you have the time and patience to do so.



  1. Contact support. Say a modder dropped the amount you want removed. Done

  2. Thanks man my life was so boring when I had all this stupid modded money and had everything now I actually feel like I have Purpose in gta online

  3. Just get all your money in cash than make a new character and delete the one that has the money

  4. Or make another character and buy every expensive property and buy a bunch of t20s

  5. thanks for this man i thought this game was boring with everything, like i would go on and i wouldent have anything to do lol

  6. I have 5B $ and I want to get rid of most of it so I can make Pegasus and Mors Mutual work cuz when i order something that costs 1000$ it says I have insufficient funds and I have 5B, how can i lose 4B easily?

  7. 1st of all HAVING modded money does NOT get you banned. It will just be removed IF rockstar's detection software is working.
    2nd of all just use an atm to transfer it to your wallet then jkust make a new account

  8. Dood I don't want to lose my money I play Gta v online for about when rockstar create it and I have 79M and stell rockstar make update for grand so do not lose your money

  9. So rich modd money I never got banned from lots of money the mods ho you say you never know you well get banned ho caers or however you say it ho caers 1 character is rich 2 I am working on getting money bye my self try not to get in mod lobby. Like if you agree on this comment ok. How hope it help.

  10. just buy a bunch of 10 car garage apartments and buy x80s you can always sell them later

  11. i got around 3 billion online… ima make myself a third character put everything on it and delete the character

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