GTA 5 Online: How to make money with Solo VIP Missions

Hey guys,

On today’s video, I explain how you can do the best two VIP missions in solo. They are “Headhunter” and Sightseer”.

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  1. So glad I ran into this. Thank you so much. Was so tired of doing. Group missions paying so little and depending on the other players.

  2. Duke is better than a Kuruma for headhunter and here’s why, Bulletproof for the most part (I’ve never died during headhunter because of bullets from NPC’s) and Explosive Resistant, so if some twat on an oppressor is trying to kill you, you can tank a few rockets

  3. Did u know the fire department has a helicopter? No one I have talked to knew they had one. Very rare to find

  4. i always got 50k per mission, but just today i only received around 25k, just like him, but why did i got 50k first?

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