Gta 5 Online INSANE GODMODE GLITCH (Xbox 360/PS3)

I have my 3rd video in a row, this video is an insane Gta 5 online glitch on how to get god mode. This glitch works on all consoles.
This god mode glitch is so good on Gta 5 online so you can kill all those pesky kids that kill everyone.

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  1. Great job on the video, I have been doing this glitch since you dropped it, it still works to this day, thanks a lot. 👍🏾

  2. It's either the Pothead way you talk or The Japanese Anime Hip hop Shit music you play, but either way I couldn't understand a thing you said?

  3. Ya so I did the glitch got it to work then I can’t get it back again and I did the switch to franklin and it brought me to story I need help I please

  4. bro check out this video my son recorded with a five-year-old shit man he is the net next kid ninja 🥴

  5. Wether these work or not ur lit I love how u turn down the haters and u have cool ass roasts too!!!! Ur amazing nice 🙂

  6. I did everything you did but it doesn't Spa me where like it doesn't work

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