GTA 5 Online : NEW WALL BREACH GLITCH!!! (Xbox One/PS4)

Join the AR12 ARMY!!!!

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Outro Song: Contagious – Ghost Fortress
From, Jingle Punks


  1. Works only if I could stand in it and move around while playing solo against the cops

  2. Are you doing a GTA V Top Gear challenge with Tom and the AR12 Crew? You'd be 5 so you can do big things there. I know it's hard to play with everyone because someone has to do something when the other 4 can join only that day or stuff like that. Just put the idea out there 😀 #Spainglish

  3. At the airport, at the right of the word L.S. international airport you can go into the wall with an helicopter and go around under the map

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