GTA 5 Online – Next DLC Being Huge,Hacked Garages.Tv Shows & Better GTA 5 Payouts (GTA 5 QnA #5)

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  1. You should advise people how to "maintain" their system cache on xbox360 and other consoles.. fixes a lot of those garage hacks when done now and then 🙂 Nice work BTW.

  2. They should make a drugs dlc where you deal/use them between npcs and other players it would work and would be fun as well as earn you loads of money

  3. Rockstar likes to tweak with the jobs, make them pay less and increase the difficulty and make harder ways to make money becuase they want people to buy shark cards, so i doubt heists will be a great way to make money. they try to prevent easy ways to make cash.

  4. #Q&A +TwoDynamic Which DLC do you think is coming closer?
    Casino, Heists or Zombies

    … That's if there is going to be a casino, heists or zombie DLC


    -Angelo <3

  6. do think rockstar should make an update where u could change ur character again

  7. woth the next update, they should give us all 5 million dollars, no one has 1.5 million for a fucking jet with no guns

  8. #Q&A Do u think a map like las venturas mite come with the casino DLC as las venturas is las Vegas and has lots of casinos….?

  9. For the highest do you think it could be like we must have a special car and tools before you can join or host a highest

  10. The next updat will be big because Rockstar Said the ps3 12G will not able to download the next dlc. Its on the website (sorry for my english)

  11. do you think owning bigger planes such as the cargo plane and or the 747 jumbo jet for gta online would make the game more active, and if  they do put them in gta online how much would they sell them for ,,,,,,,,Q&A

  12. Am I the only one that is praying that Rock* includes an 'underglow' mod for cars in the next update?That would be sooo sick..Ohh,I want the ability to 'Pop The Hood' so you can show your car engines or mod a Cavalcade(Escalade) and get the sound system mod and be able to open the doors and play really loud music

  13. Dexter gta is dead now because of modders and not so good dlcs rockstar need heist next whats your though

  14. What phone do you prefer to have? An Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy?

  15. #QnA Do you think with a lot of the updates they are adding new Easter eggs to the game?

  16. do you think the birth of gta 5 on next gen will be the death of it on current gen?

  17. the 17th is the anniversary of GTA V so they could make a surprise Anniversary Update with Heists and some big stuff tommorow or Wednesday idk

  18. The container thing happened to me too I switched the two cars stuck in the container and one of the cars went flying around the whole garage I was confused.

  19. #QnA do you think cars like the Roosevelt or Hotknife will come back to the game?

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