GTA 5 Online Nightclub DLC – MAKE MILLIONS EASY, FREE MONEY Is Here, New Content & Discounts!

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  1. Hello, my name is Brandon, I am a GTA Online grinder on Xbox One, anyone who needs help or is struggling to earn money on GTA Online just message me on Xbox Live (my gamertag is coolster908) and I will help you!
    (I have GTA Online on Xbox 360 as well)

  2. Look at you with your glitched outfit stop with the b***** videos go to Facebook and watch on a yeah right

  3. What is the stream schedule? Is it 5pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays? Because I can't find a schedule anywhere…

  4. I never catch the live streams, I also never get notifications for your videos so maybe that’s why 🙁 will there be more?

  5. need three people to help me do the last setup and heist for Humane labs…Gt: RustlingBard447

  6. I watched the stream today it was pretty dry imo but im just waiting for my money

  7. I watched the whole stream, claimed 50 k three times then claimed 500k for make it rain at the end. When I logged in gta online I only got 150k

  8. Is it just me or it lags so much when you watch the stream that you cant even claim the money

  9. You told us about this like 10 times can you stfu already? You dont have what to eat so you make yt videos in hope you will survive the fk day?

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