Chaz shows you some helpful tips on how to get the most money out of the Pacific Standard Heist in GTA 5 Online.


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  3. theres a much easier way and we get it all just letting u know

  4. nope… only one person grabs money. that person (for me the demo since I'm hacker) then hides away till cops cleared out. He'll follow behind while the other 3 run and gun. You basically did the same, but only 2 shooters over our 3.
    WTF you doing? rookie! buy the house next to the bikes, store a kuruma… your strategy good if want 1.2 million, but for elusive 1.25, consult a REAL heist master

    edit I typed my comment before watched, but now… DAM! you got less than 1.2. You are so weak, leave the heist to real leaders.

  5. People disgust me here lol. There is only one real way to get the entire cash from the Heist on Hard. Without having to buy apartments or go to your garage. All you need to do is shoot a hostage and call the Noose. Then do the mission like normal and get on the bikes. Then just get into a Noose Fully bulletproof van and drive there. its as easy as that. You dont need to buy a Kuruma, buy an apartment. Just shoot the Noose and steal their vehicles. There is 1 van in paritcular which is near the ramp where you can do a stunt from with the bikes. Take that van and your sorted.

  6. When you get to the bike just go to the first road block get in the bullet proof truck with 2 other people have one guy get in a police car when the truck stops on the mountain get in the police car do the jump

  7. No offence but the guide basically just tells you what u already know- there is a much better way
    1 dont shoot hostages-noose will come. They wear armour, are much harder to kill, and are easily avoided.

    2.Have the hacker/demolition not doing something watch the doors as random other guards spawn. Have only 1 guy take the money as more people can protect him, and he can properly stay back.
    3. Buy the apartment next to where the bikes are stored. Store a karuma in the garage and have whoever owns the apartment go in, take it out and honk lol. Get behind the bulletproof windows and….
    4. Drive straight to the dingy- there is no point parachuting and it is quicker and safer. Blow up the cop cars and enjoy your cash :)$$$$$$

  8. best thing to do is give take 0 percent as the leader and give your cut to your friend. this will allow you to redo the heist without doing any setups. have your partner do the same thing then just go back and fourth

  9. get one person to grab all the cash make him stay back and let the other 3 fuck up all the cops when u get to the bikes u or sum1 go to who ever garage is closer and get a armoured karuma

  10. u can take a karuma out of.your garage. u have to go inside it tho. also if u get one person to carry the $ less risk of losing it. cuz only 1 person. gets shot not 2. so he can stay hidden the whole time while the other 3 shoot everyone.

  11. one more extra tip: 1 man should grap the cash then you have 3 people who can shoot

  12. I hate how people don't wanna do the setups but wanna do the heists

  13. Let 1 person get all the money and the 3 players take out the cops. When you get to the bikes hop off and get into the apartment fast. Then take a armored kurma or insurgent and go to the canyon. After that drive down the mountain carefully. Last you are done with the heist.

  14. And once you get on bikes you can go to west coast. There is a boats to take you straight to he dingy

  15. Another tip when taking the money from the room make one person take all the 1.25mill so that the 2nd person who didnt take the money when he gets shot you dont lose any because their is no money in his bag! Like so everyone can see

  16. I got to the dingy and 3/4 of us were at it and we were waiting on our last guy and he died. Committed suicide. We weren't in a chat but I was so mad because after that we lost another 400k and we could of had walked away with 1,100,000

  17. Buy the apartment behind the garage where you placed the bikes.. Once you bought that apartment when the instructions says you should go to the hill. Go to the apartment with your teammates grab your kuruma armored and that's it. Safe and easy.

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