GTA 5 Online PC – Huge Preorder Bonus! $800,000 + FREE Rockstar Game! (GTA 5 PC Pre Order)

GTA 5 Online PC Information – GTA V PC Preorder Bonus & Preorder deals to get free money and games including up to $800,000 in free online cash and a choice of 11 free games to digitally download for free as well.
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  1. I already got the pre order bonus on gta online. If i make another online character, will i still get the pre order bonus on the new character @FCGlitching

  2. I pre ordered it and it said on steam that those who have pre ordered it get the game on the 7 th of april and that's today!!!! and I don't have it

  3. Question: if I'll buy a disk for GTA V and my friend will buy it from Steam, 
    will we be able to play together in GTA Online?

  4. I bought the game on kinguin it will give me the original key and not the Steam Key, will i get the bonus of the 300k $ and the game or just the same bonus of steam

  5. Well is it bad that I already own all the available games to choose from? Meh. Tbh you sound like NobodyEpic.

  6. It's good they give something free, but the game selection is really bad in my opinion… Those games are worth 5$/€ or less…

  7. I got my dick stuck in a vending machine. Can you help me find a glitch to get it out Fc glitching?

  8. u already have all those rockstar games on pc.
    guess I am totally fucked 🙁

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