GTA 5 Online – PSN SERVERS BACK ONLINE! PS4 / Xbox Online! (Lizard Squad DDOS Ends)

Playstation Network (PSN) Servers are coming back online now! If you are experiencing problems still, leave a comment with where you are located and I may be able to help with your problems! THE SERVERS ARE BACK TAKE THAT LIZARD SQUAD!


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  1. Not working for me it says rockstar game servers are unavailable

    Im in the Caribbean(Saint Kitts and Nevis)

  2. Geht immer noch nicht meine fresse
    Np -34359-4 pahhh diese scheiße was soll dasssssssss

  3. mine started working. but I turnred it off and ook a nap amd when I woke up and tried it again, it wasn't working. I live in dover delawre. help.

  4. Any PS4 owners still having trouble connecting to PSN should try this;
    1. Go to network settings.
    2. Go into 'custom' settings.
    3. Leave everything but 'MTU' as is.
    4. Change 'MTU' to 1473.
    5. Test the connection. It will still fail to connect to PSN.
    6. Turn off your PS4, then turn it back on.
    7. Try signing into PSN now.

    Just tried it after seeing it on a GamesBeat article, and I'm looking at my friends list for the first time in days. Worked for me!!!

  5. I cant play while my friends are there having fucking fun playing whit each other 🙁

  6. It been hell but we pushed through it sure we lost some men and women but we as nation have survived and have come victorious give your selves a round of applause!

  7. how cum sometimes it say something about something being terminated wgeb i tryed to login while the servers were still down

  8. Mine isn't back up for ps4 and I'm pissed, it is for all of my friends but not for me for some reason

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