GTA 5 Online – Sell NEW Rare Custom Vehicles to LS Customs! (GTA 5 Tips and Tricks, Episode 18)

GTA 5 rare cars custom hidden vehicles in GTA Online! GTA 5 tips and tricks online in GTA 5 next gen for PS4, Xbox One & PC! 🙂
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  1. If you do mission i think it's time get away when you go pick up dude out barn if you drive a xl truck the back way a yellow and blue xl truck upgraded will appear if you have hard time add me I'll show you cleveland229 xb1

  2. I found the rat loader but I can't the fully modded dubsta 2 or the sandking (hook me up) my gamertag is epod840

  3. will one of you guys friend and message BornOnDec27th on Xbox one I need to find the blue sandking gold dubsta and green ruiner

  4. Hey @Typical Gamer , I bought a PS4 but I can't buy / find the exclusive next gen vehicles on the websites. Do you know how to fix this?

  5. Hey tg I found a ratloader at the country mod shop it was blue and I sold it for $17,860 and thank u for this vid

  6. Checkout my channel ! I have a tone of spawn locations for these type of cars after heist update !

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