GTA 5 ONLINE Staircase To Heaven ( 4450 RP & $5400 ) ( Fun Custom Race ) GTA V MULTIPLAYER


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Race – Xbox 360: ( DELETED ) | PS3: ( DELETED )
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  1. Hey man, fuck these dudes talking about how much better they are at driving, like who fucking asked. The video is literally titled "FUN custom race" and dumbasses turn themselves into self-proclaimed driving gods and start judging like clowns, video was fun, enjoyed it. Ignore the clowns hating.

  2. whoever made this race is a fucking moron that staircase to heaven is stupid and the track is rubbish

  3. I laughed so hard because his driving was terrible 😂😂😂💀

  4. that rap was so fucked up it took him like 3 min to get over one fucked up part make a better ramp next time

  5. HEY, JUST GOT gta online, Im a little confused as to how i can play these types of games/races? All i want to do is have fun and do crazy games and races thanks  🙂

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