GTA 5 Online Trolling with Mod Menu Hacks

More Hacks and Mod Menus for GTA 5 Online Coming Soon:)
Want To Watch How to Install these Mod Menus for 1.30 Update?

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  1. Why would you ban somebody on GTA five by playing legit you should be the one getting banned because you and your friend have mods

  2. ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

  3. i thoroughly enjoy getting modders and hackers banned hope it eventually has a fine when these worthless fucks get caught 250g your panzy ass wont be laughing then. but i will >:)


    I'm looking for a modded account with infinite money, antiban, and a couple of other Knickknacks.

    My offer? A $15 XboxOne card. I have proof of Purchase and can even take a photo. All you need to do is tell me what's on the account and prove that it is there and ready for my use (if at all possible).

    If you are interested in my offer, my contacts are Kik and through my XboxOne.

    Kik: WorthyWonder

    XboxOne: WorthyWonder

    You can also reply to this if you want to get my attention. Thank you for your time. Oh, and if it wasn't made clear, the account has to be on XboxOne as that is my only console (:

  5. Lol did he just say that he gonna make his subscribers report the other legit player? haha if any gonna does that for you , they are probably one of your sissy clan too.

  6. There is a big difference between trolling with mods and being an ass with mods. You're doing the latter.

  7. Do you know whats worse than your shitty menu? The face you use a controller on a PC you wonky eyed frog

  8. wow gta on PC is broken O.o Sticking to consoles for now

  9. +doctorgta can u please come in to a privet sesh and give me a money drop please my xbox gamer tag is PleasedRat09 thanks

  10. Shoulda put the car on a roof or something so he couldn't even get a new one

  11. wtf, People like u ruins the game, its pvp not Woooowowww im booce Yeeeee Im flying Yeeee, im to bad to play!! i need my cheats i paid for:D

  12. I don't mind modders but when they fuck with helpless players just to get a reaction is going a bit to far

  13. You may be having fun but the other 20 people aren't, people like you are ruining GTA online, also I think if they did not have to deal with people like you they could put more time into DLCs and providing awesome content, I love modding in story mode as it is fun but not when you are affecting other people

  14. It´s people like you who ruin GTA online. What the fuck dude? Hackers are assholes and destroy the fun. Just stop it.

  15. Oh look someone else who ruins the game for others.

  16. Dear doctor GTA,

    I recently got Banned because i was Having a gigantic Money Lobby with my Community… I BEG you to help me get unbanned! Please reply so we can find a Solution.

  17. So much h8

    Chill TF Out, he is just fuckin modding

    like me :v


    <3 U all [No Homo]

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