GTA 5 Online Working Money Cheat + Cheap Cars – Trying to do it without crashing

In this video I was ATTEMPTING to demonstrate how some cars will allow you to do this cheat without actually crashing the game, whereas some will make it crash shortly after the cheat happens, and some will crash before you can do anything.
Unfortunately it would appear that recent patches have made it so that this cheat crashes the game far more often than it used to.
My (incomplete) spreadsheet of which cars appear to work, if it is a help to…


  1. If i get helicopters in this way, can I call them from CEO office or through pegasus? For example: Buzzard

  2. Hello. I don’t know if you recently tried the elegy cheat, but it doesn’t work anymore. Must be because they’re giving away the elegy for free? Idk. What’s the next best car to sell?

  3. Do you have same problem as me?
    every time I'm using this method after crash i can't login again for near 5-30 min.
    Files required to play GTA V Online could not be downloaded from The Rockstar Game service.
    Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later.
    ( -_- *)

  4. did you manage to remove any aircrafts that you got this way? because i can't sell/remove them from my hangar and i didn't find a solution for this

  5. I must wait at least 1 hour do to it again and not get banned? btw. very nice video man. It´s funny that i can do this on ONLINE game xD

  6. so if i sell only 1 car every 60min the risk of ban is low? Btw i tryed rn and still work good job m8 😉

  7. and yea thanx for the video im doing this method and selling 2 to 3 cars a day and dont have any problems but the crashing well never stop and its ok just open the game again and still everything is in there

  8. is there any other car that cost more than the elegy car which mean more than 500k but at least less than a million. cuz im trying to sell a car more than 500k but cant seem to work with me

  9. Having said what I did about not being able to do the cheat without crashing, I went back and tried again and managed it without crashing. I guess there's a degree of luck involved too.

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