GTA 5 PC – Barry / Grass Roots [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

Grand Theft Auto V PC – Strangers and Freaks Side-Mission Walkthrough Guide Video in 1080p and 60 frames-per-second

GTA V PC Side Missions Playlist:


0:00 – Grass Roots – Michael (Legion Square)
Gold Medal Objectives:
– Unmarked: Complete with minimal damage to health and armor
– Kill Chain: Kill 7 aliens in 10 seconds

4:04 – Grass Roots – Trevor (Pillbox Hill)
Gold Medal…


  1. 100% Dope walkthrough without getting attention from the pigs hahaha Hope i have better luck doing this one….Meow

  2. Barry is a pretty chill guy but the ending to his Franklin missions is just trash and that’s the same thing with almost all other strangers and freaks. They don’t have an impact on the game at all, I kind of wish they did like with josh maybe since he is a real estate developer how about instead of him being a snake at the end, make him thank Trevor for the fantastic work he has done and give him a new safe house or something?

    Or maybe with Mary-Ann you automatically get an entire point into stamina and strength or both after completing her mission for each respective character.

    These are just a few examples of what you can do just to make the strangers and freaks missions feel worth doing.’


    first of all make sure trevors shooting ability is maxed out as that will greatly help you with accuracy and reload speeds.

    make sure he has armor and is in first person that will also help you

    memorize the exact spawn locations for the vans, 5 in total

    press left on your dpad while aiming to throw a sticky bomb, throw it to the spawn locations while waiting for it, you have to kill some clowns before they will spawn, immediately after run to the next location as efficiently as possible (first person) ignore the rest of the clowns after the first 2 vans as they will not be of importance.

    if you have Any QUESTIONS i will reply asap this was hard to get for me for the longest time but now its easy

  4. The most annoying thing about these sort of strangers and freaks missions are the characters literally take a century to text, like hurry up.

    As an example, after the second to last Barry mission as Franklin, I've waited so far nearly a whole gta week for the most pointless mission ever because of one annoyingly tedious character who just won't text. It's so annoying when I'm trying to get to 100%, but instead I'm slowed down by these useless moron characters who can't text for their life.

  5. This is the most annoying mission ever. The vans were constantly bugged for me and never drove forward

  6. Trevor's weed isn't wearing off… all clowns and clown cars are dead. What haven't I done?

  7. 2020, Trevor’s Grassroot’s Mission is the hardest fucking mission to get gold!!!

  8. Tbh people only like grass root pick up because you can get the undercover crown Vic

  9. Why does whole my missions disappear after completing the last one?

  10. Damn Franklin took a huge puff off that joint and still didn't feel anything haha

  11. I’m doing this on Xbox one and the enemies spawn in completely different areas making it so much harder. Wtf

  12. A time traveller brought a footage of the Area 51 raid.
    Let's say the aliens weren't so cooperative.
    So he said that we killed them.

  13. Imagine this in real life if i was in the alien grass roots I WILL CRY AND RUN AWAY DROPPING THE MINIGUN

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