GTA 5 PC – Blackout [Script Mod]

This mod blacks out the whole city, which is just awesome!
This works really well with mods like Ped Riot/Chaos Mod.

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• Requirements:
– Script Hook V

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  1. Hmm, combine these mods:
    'Extra cars' but set it to 0 so no cars spawn. (The one I have has files to set 0 cars to spawn)
    Blackout mod
    Find someone to replace ped spawns with the zombie models and have them always trying to attack you
    Find someone else to mod the parked car spawnrate to very little
    Add in the improved gun handling mod for a little extra difficulty
    Remove all your weapons and have fun surviving 😀

  2. It's like the function in the mobile of Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs. Really cool!

  3. May I have a link to the Enhanced Native Trainer that you are using ?

  4. Another thing to make this awesome is have everything blacked out, all traffic lights blinking yellow, and a Zombie mod.

  5. Hello gets 5 mods I was wondering if I could get a little shoutout and u could post my link in your description. I am a new YouTube and It would really help if I could get out there thanks!

  6. This + no driving cars and no pedestrians would be awesome!!!

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