GTA 5 PC Cheat Codes : How Cheats Work on the PC Version!

GTA 5 PC has been out for almost 24 hours but one question I’m getting a lot at the moment is how do cheats work on the pc version of GTA 5. In the quick tutorial how to video, I show you a very easy way to use cheats in gta v. I’ve listed them all below! Thanks for watching this grand theft auto 5 video! Be sure to drop a like if you enjoyed.

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  1. Dont work for me, i write the number on my cell phone and press space bar and nothing happend….. XD !!

  2. Come On! Can anyone make the guy land without dyeing  and control his flying speed?

  3. Whose brilliant idea was it to give out a five-minute invincibility code? If they incorporate an invulnerable code then why not just make it last until you WANT turn it off? What's this 5-minute horseshit? I don't get why Rockstar plays head games like this. If I sound pissed off it's because I AM. I'm sitting here trying to just mess around the city by myself engaging the police but every goddamn time I even start messing with the cops my time expires and I die. When you're concentrating on shooting up everything there's no way you can always remember to watch your time. Then you die and lose $500 each time and you gotta re-enter your codes again. What a bunch of unnecessary horseshit. I wish they would either release the fuckin' ┬ácodes the RIGHT WAY with an unlimited invincible code or just not have any AT ALL. This in-between horseshit got old real fast…

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