GTA 5 PC | Firefighter Mod – Episode 01 – Let's Do This (1080p/60)

The Firefighter Mod for Grand Theft Auto V PC allows you to play as a firefighter, It is currently in early Beta and may have some minor bugs and limited features. I find this to be a great addition and very fun to play!

There are currently 3 structural fires, 7 vehicle fires, random player model customization and more. many more features are planned.

Download the mod:

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  1. +dcp123 it is more legit to extinguish the car fire with the fire extingusher rather than the big hose

  2. I hope you all enjoy our first firefighting video for GTAV on the PC! I am also using a better capture device so the increased FPS should be noticeable. I always recommend 60FPS.

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