GTA 5 – PC Hackers! (Funny Moments)

GTA 5 is full of hackers on PC. Some are just modding, some are straight up griefing/trolling.
Here is some funnies that happened when I was playing with my buddy Oshy. Enjoy boyz and girls!
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GTA 5 – Funny Moments
GTA 5 – PC hackers


  1. the first one makes you an asshole. you went up to him and shot him instantly like a dick

  2. what i find interesting is.. at the start of this video, the hacker was literally doing NOTHING to you guys, yet you suddenyl got out of the car, ran up a ramp and tried to shoot him.

    even if he wasn't hacking, it still makes you guys assholes..

  3. I have met some epic hackers, im only like level 50 but i have never had my GTA online PC experience ruined by the hackers, not saying i havnt encountered a stereotypical hacker, (they just make me wonder about their motives and capacity for entertainment) Tho, one guy spawned like 500 jumbo jets, clipping through everything but stationary aswell as seemingly endless oppressors flying (and also clipping through everything) randomly flew around with weird particle effects, one i recall was leaving a trail of hearts, another a crying laughing emoji, the most memorable was the eggplant emoji which was more common than all the rest lol
    The hacker did this around an apartment in the hills, WAS waking through a distopian broken dimension, all this happened after he locked the entire lobby in a cage and gave us each a couple hundred thousand$ saying its compensation for trolling the server and deleted the cage letting us continue our GTA day lololol (with a bit more lag than usual) i had to leave soon after bc my laptop was overheating….

  4. Hahahahahahaha I was watching this video at 2 am whene I saw the guy jumped from the car I started laughing hahahha everyone sleeps

  5. Russkhof, do more GTA movies and at least one more Outlast video of the expansion. If some one sneezes again, kick him in the balls…😂

  6. and that's why i play online on console never ran into one single hacker. and single player on pc for the graphics.

  7. Damn, really miss the good old days where I stick sprinklers in peoples ass lol

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