GTA 5 PC – How To Use Your Own Music On Radio Stations! (GTA V PC Gameplay)

GTA V PC – Custom Music “SelfRadio” Mode Lets You Use Your Own Music In Game! Stay tuned for more GTA 5 PC Mods & Mod Gameplay soon on my channel! 😀

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  1. These videos are dumb, just create a shortcut to your music folder and drop the shortcut in that user music folder.

  2. Can you please make an update on how to do this since how iTunes is now a streaming service

  3. wait the player around you cant hear the music ? when my friend is in the car for example

  4. Holy shit. Way too much talking for a quick 30 second thing

  5. Plzz help i have a lot of songs and i m not able to play next or previous..which is by clicking = sign

  6. Does mp4 work too ?
    I just cant download music in other file type.

  7. if you have a frend whit the exakt setting and playlists can thay hear the music in my car?. Is the music like live so we hear the same song?

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