Hey guys! Today we look at a Grand Theft Auto Five mod addon called “Infinite Health” by LinGon. I will be reviewing other addons soon, so make sure to subscribe! Some are money cheats which is cool! Thanks for watching!

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What is GTA5?
Grand Theft Auto V (also known as Grand Theft Auto Five, GTA 5 or GTA V) is a video game developed by Rockstar…


  1. Idk why but you have 300.000 subs and 300 likes :/ Can you explain this please?

  2. You do realise trainers are cheat engine hacks, not mods? Don't get vac banned.

  3. Man i bought this game but i cant even play it, tried everything to fix but nothing worked. Im completely fucked now

  4. pretty sure this works in online… :b welp. even though you said that it didnt work in online, ive seen someone just walking around with cops shooting him and he doesnt die… and he was level 2 and he had like 4 sports cars (money hack) they were expensive sports cars like the zentorno and that bugatti thing. if he preordered the game, he only got 1 million $. those cars added up are way more than 1 million. and he couldnt have done a heist because then he would be a much higher level :b

  5. "All i wan to do is be a taxi man and drive my passengers all around the city, but sometimes even then, i end up in the middle of the ocean, drowning, and dying. lol XD

  6. Omg covering GTA mods is one of your best ideas you are the true mod king ! Steven powerrrrr 😀 keep up the good work buddy it feels just like the modding days but you channel is still cool now

  7. Covering GTA V mods is such a great idea ! Hope you do other mods and stuff as they are released.

  8. Lol man he has like 200 trainers and i have the dying light and starbound ones

  9. I never liked motorbike stunting in gta 5 cause you die easily, especially after big jumps. But now – LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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