GTA 5 PC – LSPD First Response Mod [Mod Showcase]

Grand Theft Auto V for PC – Mod Showcase: LSPD First Response

This video will show you the LSPD First Response Mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Mod made by: G17 Media


1. Copy all the files in the directory of GTA V.

Recorded and edited by: Maury121


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  1. Does anyone know of any good games where you play as an officer?

  2. Will this be like two seperate games? Normal gta v and this cop game or I can't play gta v after installing this one??

  3. TF just happened she close the door with his hand cuffs?

    Btw its just a mod😁
    Edit:her hand cuffed

  4. Black female cop doing police brutality to a white guy — very progressive mod.

  5. So amazing how you just become a cop instead of earning it .


  6. How do I call for backup? And can I get a partner somehow?

  7. is this mod possible on gta V on the ps3 ??? ik looking for it

  8. Best police mod EVER!! It just needs the option to customize your police vehicle in LS(PD) Customs

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