GTA 5 PC Mods – JETPACK WITH MINIGUNS MOD! GTA 5 Jetpack Minigun Mod Funny Moments! (GTA V PC)

GTA 5 PC Mods – PLAYING WITH A JETPACK MOD THAT HAS BEEN UPDATED TO HAVE MINIGUNS ON IT!!! Crazy stunts, 5 star rampages, & MORE! Be sure to subscribe for more gta 5 pc gameplay & gta 5 mods, as well as xbox one and ps4 gameplay, funny moments, stunts, mega ramps, & more mod showcases!
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GTA 5 PC Mods – JETPACK MOD! GTA 5 Jetpack Mod Gameplay & Flying Firefights! (GTA 5 Mods)…


  1. Hey man, any change you got V3 still laying around? it's not online anymore. Hope you can help out

  2. got hacked JustinPadgettt17 xbox360 file complitle plsssssssssssssss

  3. I dont have that so can i post it on youtube here on comets

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