These hackers FORCE YOU TO PICK UP THE MONEY, even if you don’t want it. Rockstar games, please help! — Watch live at


  1. Well good for him, however, a lot of money-bitches in the comment section acting like hoes, he doesn't want to gain money but to earn it, any douche bag in there can hack and ruin the game for everybody, it's scumbags like this who ruining such good games.

  2. We all got different kinds of bullshit from cheaters, can we have something usefull from them once?)

  3. "Oh shit! This guy is shooting money and i don't want it! Lets stick around though while he does this."

  4. NOTE:
    By firing money at other players, hackers can grief other players by getting them flagged as cheaters and/or Bad Sports, along with potentially getting them banned.

  5. i will never buy an rockstar game anymore. a modder shoot me with this moneygun and i got banned. rockstar is not helping me with these "tickets". sad, sad company. gta online on pc is just **ed up with modders. every second server hast atleast one hackermodder.

  6. If you don't have any money and someone throws you some millions with the minigun I don't think you don't won't to pick them up.

  7. Video games encourage immorality and illegal activity.  Because, just like in real life, when you throw money at people, they run away!  "NO!  Don't give me money!"
    "Help!  I'm getting money!  Let's get out of here!"
    It must be a way of undermining capitalism and promoting communism.

  8. lol Wat a pussy. i don't want the money bags. Lmao Iv gotten millions from modders and havn't gotten banned, and if i do i'll tell them that a modder spawned money on my head and had no choice.

  9. Honestly who fucken cares anymore…there isnt even anything to do on this game anymore, and Im sure as hell not spending 1000000 game hours trying to buy everything I like. I have this thing called full time work. I dont have time to waste on a game like this.

  10. I got money by an hacker while being afk -.- well i spend it and hopefully Rockstar wont notice….how long can i get banned? :'(

  11. I was standing afk for 30 secs and came back with lots of money, and money bags around me. LOL

  12. this is only r*'s fault its happening, and the reason modding should be stopped is when they kill u in PASSIVE mode or while you're PAUSED

  13. @HDCommentary Hey man, I just got the same problem today, got 1.5M left the game asap. did you get in touch with rockstar?

  14. Someone shot at me and I ended up with 1.1mil of extra cash… shit can I get banned for that?

  15. seriously, i looked into that whole hacking on pc thing.
    most of the time people just download trainers from mod sites and modify them so the scripts dont disable when they go online.

    but how to do it isnt written anywhere.
    and if you're stupid enough to google "gta 5 pc hacks" you just end up on a survey

  16. Me and a friend played today and my friend got 16mil with out his approval. He was afk and then money bags spawned over him.

  17. looks like its the right time for me NOT to be into pc gaming. although i'll still try it later this year when it cools down

  18. This is what happened to me yesterday. Hacker spawned a cage on me and spammed me with loads of money. I gained about 200k before I could exit. I don't want to get banned for this garbage…

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