GTA 5 PC – Open all interiors Mod [Full Showcase/Walkthrough]

This mod allows you to access interiors otherwise inaccessible! This video will feature all of the opened places… Timeline: (Skip trough the video using the time …


  1. I dont know why but I can get inside lesters house by the door on xbox 360 and I can even use his laptop and my xbox isnt hacked

  2. 5:00 if you enter the room on the right and bump into or shoot the standing FIB signs it will say something like PRAISE KRAFF

    i also used mods on the xbox 360 to do this

  3. Get into a shootout with cops and run into these interiors is just more fun but i only have gta 5 for the ps4 not pc.

  4. The game was limited to technology from 2 generations ago, so Xbox and ps3 could not handle all these buildings at once, so sadly they had to cut it out of the game:(

  5. I have this mod for GTA, now I have more to explore than just crashing into cars outside and hearing cat calls.

    Note: I had this mod before watching the vid. I recommend this to you!

  6. The way I look on it is that you should not be able to enter them all like Franklin’s aunt house and the janitors apertment because there’s no why your just going to causally go in a random persons house. Same for the humane labs building but what I think about the fib building is different you should be allowed in the bottom but not top. I hope you agree : j sorry for long comment

  7. Great vid I play gta cracked and I was on 1.36 and everything worked fine but I recently updated the game to 1.41 and now the online apartment interiors don’t load and the only way they load is if I delete my menyoo mod menu do you know how I could fix this?

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