GTA 5 PC SECRET VEHICLE LOCATION – Bugatti Veyron "GTA 5 PC Tips & Tricks" (GTA 5 PC Gameplay)

GTA 5 PC Secret vehicle location Tutorial GTA 5 PC “tips and tricks” to help when playing In GTA 5 PC Game! GTA 5 PC Tips and Tricks! Help Us Reach 1 Mill Subs 😀 SUBSCRIBE!


  1. * If your having trouble finding it, try driving your car over the bugatti's spawn spot (the parking spot), drive around the block, and them come back.

  2. Disliked for the screech in the intro, cant stand videos where people put on voices like that.

  3. Czyli w tłumaczeniu na Polski, jak Cię nie stać to możesz tam spróbować ogarnąć BV tylko po co ? Motory i tak są szybsze a poza tym bez jaj kogo nie stać na BUGATI….

  4. I caught one when switching to Frank, so lucky. I woke up in a new Bugatti!!!!

  5. Why do white boys from the US sound like little girls over voice chat?

    Quit the screaming already!

  6. hey team epiphany, can you pls tell me if there is a special mode in gta 5 letting you play as a cop or in cop clothing ?

  7. I'd like GTA 5 PC because it will be my first GTA game, and your my favorite youtubers!!! I shared this on Google+! Please choose me and TeamEpiphany is Boss!!!

    the adder IS the fastest if given enough space/time to accelerate. this means if your going to like blaine county its a great choice cause its pretty much just highway and the car will have time to accelerate.
    BUT if your just going 5 blocks in downtown LS the zentorno or the entity is a much better option cause it accelerates quick
    just puttin that out there

  9. Its not an secret vehicle. Its an adder that can spawn quite much everywhere.. this is just one of the spawnlocations for this vehicle.

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