GTA 5 PC – Tonya [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

Grand Theft Auto V PC – Strangers and Freaks Side-Mission Walkthrough Guide Video in 1080p and 60 frames-per-second

GTA V PC Side Missions Playlist:


0:00 – Pulling Favors (Strawbery)
Gold Medal Objectives:
– Mission Time: Complete within 5 minutes
– Unhook Bonus: Keep the vehicle hooked until delivery

3:50 – Pulling Another Favor (Strawbery) [After completing The Long…


  1. Ranked 5. Still pulling favours. 4. Pulling one last favour 3. Pulling favours again. 2. Pulling favours. 1.pulling another favour

  2. Tonya keep telling Frank that JB’s his cousin is so funny xD

  3. Tonya: Look, it's easy. If JB can do it, you can do it…
    Franklin: Then you can do it yourself, bye.
    Mission Complete

    Fucking hate that junkie woman.

  4. For anyone doing this for 100% heres a gigantic tip, if you hold down the character selection screen and see two notifications but only have 1 map icon. go to your house, go to the bed and click to save, Dont save anything just exit the time goes up. every 4th time you lay down counts as a day(finishing espilion robes in literally 25 minutes instead of 45/60minutes) do this for tanya as well i complete one mission go to bed and keep exiting every 2 exits i step outside drive away and the alert appears. this can be done with any mission

  5. Is it me or is 20 used a lot in rockstar I was covering for 20 years
    Rdr2 I was in with futch for 20 years

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