GTA 5 PC TRAINER MOD – Infinite Money,Infinite Bullets,No Reload,God Mode & Teleportation

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Well I guess this might be the first GTA 5 mod but i dont know for sure! But what i do know this is my first GTA 5 PC video and if you liked it make sure you show some love to it and i will be posting more video as the mods come out!

The mod is called lingon trainer and it’s by thatlingon.

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  1. pussies would call cheats "mods"…..fucking casuals get good or gtfo my game

  2. Invincibility doesnt work well, you can die by explosions, crashes and fallings. And the Never wanted doesnt work in airports or military facilities…:( would we ever have a real God mode here?

  3. im hope this mod is not for online.
    i support mods for offline but for online it will ruin the show

  4. Now let's just sit back, and let King Modder JulioNIB do his magic touch on his mouse and keyboard. DAMN I CAN'T WAIT

  5. Infinite gullets and no reload would be mental with the Mini Gunand the Assault Shotgun. Thanks for showing this might use it

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