GTA 5 PC Watch Dogs Hacking Mod!! – Los Santos Hacked (Grand Theft Auto 5 Hacking Mod)

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I never covered this mod when it first come out so I felt like it time to make a video for it and live stream was the best thing. Hope you like the video and if you do make sure you show some love and support!

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Aiden Pearce Picture used

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  1. It will be way easier using a Advanced Map Editor! I Imagine people breaking the game, abusing the Editor

  2. like another said. look though the hand combat options. there is some new and cool stuff there I know you would like.

  3. Of course you got the cops on you at 5:10. A bunch of people tried call the police and the calls were disrupted. They go to the traced area, see a black man and are like,"Yup, definitely him.

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