GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay : Duke O Death Location & Requirements (Grand Theft Auto: 5)

In this gta 5 ps4 gameplay video, I show you the location of the Duke O’Death, an awesome gta 5 next gen exclusive that boasts being one of the best vehicles in grand theft auto 5 to date. The car stats are huge and finding it is a really not that difficult. You can find it in blaine county but be warned, gta 5 will send out AI to hunt you down once to try and run away with it! It’s an awesome car but just be prepared to get away! I know this gameplay might be a little late but it’s still…


  1. I got it on Trevor pretty early and it just disappeared later

  2. A you guys let me know if you want me to make video of how to never stop getting money you can get how ever much you want and don’t stop 🤞🏿

  3. Guys, he forgot to mention that you can only get this vehicle if your playing on PC or you’re a returning player

  4. I have Never even seen this car exept online, ive beat story mode 23 time, i have never got it to spawn out,

  5. You need to finish the side mission for pulling favours first and you might get to unlock the duke of death.

  6. I think maybe you need to unlock Trevor from the mission Mr. Philips and straight away go to the location, I think 🤔

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