GTA 5 PS4 Killer Whale – FREE WILLY! GTA 5 PS4 New Animals

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NOTE: These whales can be found just about anywhere around the map. in deep water 50-200m.


  1. I was on the mission where u gotta steal the sub for Trevor heist as I was in the sub I heard hella strange sounds kinda got scared 😂😂 but anyways outta no where a orca pops out I got out and tried to get it but it got away so tbh u can find them by the sunken ship from heist

  2. I am scared to go into the gta ocean because I'm EXTREMELY scared of finding dead bodies (They are in the gta ocean!) plane crashes, sunken ships, ufo, coral reef, fishes (My phobia is fish), deep trenches, underwater sounds, and a lot more.

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