GTA 5 PS4 – NEW LEAKED GTA V Info ! Animal and Wildlife & Runs At 1080p (GTA 5 Gameplay PS4)

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  1. Will wildlife be online though? If not I couldn't give a shit.

  2. the only bad thing about gta next gen is the map. because its black and white only.

  3. Will these features be added to the PS3 and if not, will they continue updating it and adding new features to it?

  4. Sad thing my gamestop manager is and ex subway manager and knows nothing about games just knows alot about managing a team

  5. R* is the best developed IMO, they completely remaster it and yet they still humbly name it "Grand Theft Auto V" with no "Remastered" or "Definitive Edition".

  6. uggh they need to release the damn bundle early i dont wana w8 for the game to come out.. MUST PRE ORDER!!!

  7. You are wrong. It's exactly the same bullshit Infity Ward is selling their groupies. How can any of you braindead morons trust Rockstar anymore ? They gave you a broken game and lied to you. They even said the game won't be released for the nextgen consoles to push the sales. Anybody who buys this again is a pathetic lowlife.

  8. i wish when GTA 5 came out on PC there will be one who will make a Torrent download hahahaha LOL

  9. Can you put a link for that parkour race and like this post when you do it so I get a notification

  10. Hi, im a modder on ps3 and I do recovery services for gta 5 online! RANK+MONEY+UNLOCK LS CUSTOMS+ALL STATS UNLOCKED=$10/£10. If you just want one its $5/£5 any. I can also mod your garage and add any car! (Not blacklisted cars) If you dont want this dont comment. If you do put your skype and ill add you. You must have PayPal! Thanks!

  11. You don't no shit you don't work for rockstar you don't know anything you just wait for the DOCs come out and then you say I no very thing

  12. Im not getting this just cuz animals have more realistic fur wtf if I want to see real animals ill just go to the woods near my house I think only people playing on PC should get this game cuz they are the ones capable of playing this game with superior graphics and mods

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