GTA 5 PS4 Rockstar Editor Tutorial: The Main Tips and Tricks

Today’s GTA 5 Video is about the PS4 Rockstar Editor. I give my tips and personal touches to help you guys create some epic content using this tool created by Rockstar that was included in the “Freemode” DLC

Some of the things I will be covering are in this Tutorial:
How to Trim your clips within the Editor
How to place camera marker down
How to add slow motion to your videos
How to add different camera effects
Most Importantly how to upload in the best quality

Watch all the Car…


  1. How to edit in a boulding in story mode every time i cant edit it its on ps4 btw it wont allow me to edit

  2. I know this like 4 years later but does the console version still have rockstar editor?

  3. how do you do voice overs ??? or are they recorded while u record the gameplay ?

  4. After making the video in Rockstar Editor, I want to send it to USB, it says the game does not allow. What can I do?

  5. When i get more money in story mode im turning franklins car into a beast green and a spoiler and im gonna drive fast whit the special ability

  6. How to get a Buzzard Attack chopper into GTA editor

  7. Finally a legend you tuber help me thank you bro I wish someday you got 10 million subscribers

  8. this is my first time using the rockstar editor on PS4… Do you know where the videos save after you export them?

  9. Does anyone know how to cut trim the video, plz help

  10. Thanks for the upload, I'm in the process of making my own car TV show for YouTube using GTA5, this is a massive help 👍

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