GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One – BECOME A BLOODTHIRSTY KILLER WOLF! GTA 5 PS4 "Peyote Plant" Location! (GTA V)

GTA 5 PS4 & Xbx One – PLAY AS A BLOODTHIRSTY KILLER WOLF! GTA 5 PS4 “Peyote Plant” Location! (GTA V Xbox One)
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  1. Wolves aren't bloodthirsty. They merely do what they must to survive.

  2. god dammit 😂😂 I tried that one and I got a fuking deer 😂😂 I was like, bish df

  3. ITS NOT A WOLF YOU IDOIT! THERES NO WOLF IN GTA 5 AND ITS A HUSKY! btw wolfs are not blood thirsty! they only kill if there theratend and or in danger! because stuiped people get too close to them and there like "BACK OF BITCH!"

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