GTA 5 Real Life Mod #184 Custom Peterbilt 379 Semi Truck With Working Jake Brake

GTA 5 Real Life Mod Custom Blacked Out Peterbilt 379 Semi Truck With Straight Pipes & A Working Jake Brake Hauling a 53 foot trailer from the Galileo Observatory to the The Humane Labs.

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Hey guys Bagged released this peterbilt. You can download it here

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  1. Can you get another ace trucking Peterbuilt and use two ace trucking trucks with two flatbed trailers as oversize loads and they are two tanks as they go from the los santos military base to fort zancoto

  2. I'm new to this. How do I set this up on my PS4? Just bought one just so I can play this. Seen this vid a while back & now I got both gta & ps4 but don't know how to set this up?

    Any help will do. Please & Thank You

  3. The j brakes are brake to slow it down with the engine because the brakes wold light on fire going down hill for how heavy the 18 wheeler is

  4. The truck is actually a 359 and you can tell how the breathers are, they wrap around into the hood.

  5. What button is the jake brake? I use keyboard n mouse and I already have it downloaded

  6. Where ro download 53 feet trailers? Or european 45ft. Original are so short 😀 thx

  7. Can someone please tell me exactly how to customize a semi in gta V please!!!

  8. Why can’t they upgrade and have a trucker’s DLC!? That Jake brake sounds so real! The regular Peterbuilts should have it as well. I mean the trucks aren’t even realistic in the game. The preexisting Rockstar created trucks. And there’s one empty truck stop on the whole map. I hope 6 has a realistic functional industry.

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