GTA 5 – Rescue Mod V – LIFEGUARD/ COAST GUARD 5 – (GTA 5 Rescue Mod PC MODS)

Coast Guard Enhancement 1.0.0 –

U.S. Coast Guard Maverick –

Coast Guard Textures for Swift –

Rescue Mod V (FD + EMS + Coast Guard) 0.3:

Rescue Mod V, allow you to play as a FireFighter, paramedic or a Coast guard. From air to ground responses, city, countryside, ocean, this mod will take you everywhere !



  1. it will be better to swim in the water than just getting on an airplane you should go on the u.s. USB V NJ swim all the way over and yes get the girl from the boat just one there that's how I like it

  2. stevethegamer55 do u have a ps4 if u do add me on it. I'm MysTic-SNIPER644. then we could play together

  3. Fantastic that you are using my Lifeguard mod! Great, job! 🙂

  4. coastguard I will be taken off but not sure but is 9th of my sessions that

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