GTA 5 Secrets: $2 Billion Dollars in 2 Minutes, Max Ammo, Max Stats (Easy Money Xbox 360 Only)

Who needs the GTA 5 stock market when you have this easy money trick! GTA 5 Funny Random Gameplay Moments 1 GTA 5 Best Easter Eggs Secrets

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(Xbox Only) Very cool and easy way to get $2 billion dollars, max ammo, max attachments, max…


  1. lol this lil tutorial has less dislikes then infinite warfare

  2. Yeah Uhhh did you like upgrade your Chanel name? Cuz it says black ops 3 on it and this vid was made in 2013 and BO3 was made in 2015

  3. My just says it's offline and can use a limited of mods I don't know how to make it online

  4. i did everything and got 2 billion. max ammo and max skills.
    why it doesnt work for other people i dont get it. it is easy but long.

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